01 January, 2021 - 31 December, 2021

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• All transfers and ground travel arrangements – both airport transfers and mountain transfers
• 2 nights twin share hotel accommodation
• All meals on the track and in hotels – Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks while on the track
• Twin share tent
• Parks Pass - Compulsory for all visitors to Tasmania National Parks
• Fully Comprehensive Travel and Evacuation Insurance*
• Lake St Claire Ferry Service
• 2 Highly experienced Australian guide with industry required First Aid and Working with Children’s check/Blue Card*
• Emergency Satellite communications and 24-hour Australian support network
• Detailed Risk Management and Risk Assessment of the Overland Track
• Public Liability Insurance
• Track Authority track permit
• Licensed Tasmanian Tour Operator
• On Track Expeditions Trekking Pack:
Trekking T-shirt
Water bottle
Micro Fibre towel

* Guide ratio: 4 - 6 bookings - 1 guide, 7 - 10 bookings - 2 guides


Do you have 4 or more in your group and want to do the Overland Track?

We can create your own bespoke expedition for your team at no extra cost. Simply contact us for more details and options.


• Domestic and/or international airfares
• Single room available at and extra $100AUD per night

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 / Launceston
Welcome to Tasmania! You will be met at the airport and transported to a hotel
before a group briefing and dinner. This will be a great chance to meet your guide
and do a gear check before learning all about what the next week has in store for
Accommodation: Launceston Hotel
Meal included: Dinner

Day 2 / Ronny Creek to Waterfall Valley
Walking Time: 4-6 hours
An early start today as we get a bus from Launceston to Cradle Mountain to start the
track. On arrival, we will check into the National Park and get our trekking permits
before setting off on the walk.
Walk Notes: The first half hour of your journey on the Overland Track is on
boardwalk, across the buttongrass moorland. The track soon rises and passes
beside Crater Falls, then follows beside Crater Lake. Rest and replenish here before
you tackle Marions Lookout (1250m) – the steepest section of the Overland Track.
For the next 5km you will enjoy sweeping views across the glacial landscape as you
walk beside the base of Cradle Mountain, before steadily descending into
spectacular Waterfall Valley to the huts and campsites. Once there, feel proud that
you’ve just completed what many regard as the most difficult day – Day 1 of your
Overland journey.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 3 / Waterfall Valley to Lake Windermere
Walking time: 3.5 Hours
Walk Notes: Compared with the previous day’s big climb up to Marions Lookout and
across the highest part of the Overland Track, the walk to Lake Windermere is
relatively at and leisurely – but still above 1000 metres in elevation. In the next half
hour you’ll walk through heathland and alpine gums as you skirt the rim of the

spectacular Waterfall Valley cirque. After rain, you can hear several waterfalls far
below. About an hour down the track you’ll reach the junction to Lake Will. This is a
popular side trip, where many people choose to lunch on the lake’s shore, beneath
the backdrop of Barn Blu. From Lake Will to Lake Windermere you’ll feel on top of
the world as you travel high across the plateau. In clear weather there are expansive
views to the east and west of the tarn-studded alpine moors. As you approach Lake
Windermere, climb the small knoll for views down to the lake.
Windermere Hut is just beyond the lake, at the edge of a myrtle forest. Tent
platforms are located either side of the hut, amongst gnarly snow peppermints and
graceful pandanis, with Lake Windermere visible in the distance. Enjoy a refreshing
mountain lake swim on arrival.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 4 / Lake Windermere to Pelion
Walking time: 5-7 Hours
Walking Notes: Your day begins striding out across the heathland and moorland.
About 4km in, take the short side track to the Forth Valley Lookout to view into this
deep, dramatic valley. Back on the main track, you’ll pass through Pine Forest Moor
and continue on through buttongrass moorlands before crossing Pelion Creek. You’ll
then enter a glorious myrtle-beech rainforest on the eastern flanks of Mt Pelion West.
It’s a gradual descent all the way through rainforest to Frog Flats – the lowest section
of the Overland Track (730m above sea level). At Frog Flats you’ll cross the Forth
River. There is a campsite here, however most walkers push on to Pelion. From Frog
Flats it’s a gradual walk up through more rainforest before breaking out into the open
eucalypt forest on the edge of Pelion Plains. The spacious Pelion Hut is set on the
edge of picturesque buttongrass plains, with the spectacular dolerite spires of Mt
Oakleigh framing the view to the north.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 5 / Pelion to Kia Ora
Walking Time: 4 hours
Walking Notes: Today is mountain day. You’ll start your walk at the same altitude as
you finish, with Pelion Hut and Kia Ora Hut both at 850m in elevation. In between,
however, you’ll climb almost 300m to Pelion Gap – and more if you choose to
summit one of the peaks. Start by ascending steadily through rainforest, at first
following beside Douglas Creek. After a few hours, you’ll emerge from the forest onto
Pelion Gap – the exposed alpine plateau between Mt Pelion East and Mt Ossa. If the
weather and time allows, you may choose to attempt to summit Tasmania’s highest
mountain (Mt Ossa-1617m) or the slightly lower Mt Pelion East. Good views can also
be had by climbing to the saddle between Mt Doris and Mt Ossa. Leave your pack at
the junction and carry a day pack with waterproof jacket, food, water, first aid kit,
torch, map, compass, etc. Injury and death have occurred in the Tasmanian
mountains. Don’t risk your safety, or that of your group. No matter how close to the
summit you might be, it’s better to turn around if the weather closes in, rather than
risk your party’s safety. The gradual descent from Pelion Gap to Kia Ora Hut through
beautiful Pinestone Valley with views to your left of Cathedral Mountain, is a
favourite part of the track for many. After arriving at Kia Ora, you’ll find the delightful
Kia Ora Creek just beyond the hut. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 6 / Kia Ora to Windy Ridge

Walking time: 4-5 Hours
Walking Notes: Today is rainforest and waterfall day. Initially the track passes
through buttongrass, but soon you’ll be immersed in rainforest as you skirt the lower
slopes of Castle Crag. Below you, unseen from the main track, the Mersey River
crashes through chasms and plunges over cliffs. About an hour into the walk, you’ll
break out of the forest into a small clearing, where you’ll find Du Cane Hut, built in
1910 by Paddy Hartnett, a snarer, miner and bushman. You’re welcome to take a
look inside, but its overnight use is only permitted in emergencies.
A little further on, you’ll come to the track junction marking the side trip down to see
D’Alton and Fergusson Falls – the latter named after Ranger “Fergy” – the first
ranger in the south end of the park. Hartnett Falls – the tallest of the three – is a little
further on, o another track junction. You can leave your pack at the track junctions to
explore the falls. They’re all well worth a visit. Back on the main track, you’ll swing
west and begin a gradual climb to Du Cane Gap – the saddle between the Traveller
Range and the Du Cane Range. When you cross over the gap and start a steep
descent, you’ll be entering the bowl-like cirque of the Du Cane Range, sculpted by
glaciers thousands of years ago. Once the canopy starts to open out and eucalypts
begin to appear, you’re close to camp: Windy Ridge and Bert Nichols Hut – a
stunning location almost totally encircled by the spectacular Du Cane Range.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 7 / Windy Ridge to Narcissus
Walking time: 3-4 Hours
Walking Notes: There’s no more uphill! It’s a gentle walk down the glacier’s path to
Narcissus Hut beside Lake St Clair. Relax and enjoy your final hours of walking.
Aside from pockets of wet forest beside creeks, you’ll be walking in an environment
most Australians are more familiar with – amongst tall eucalypts and fragrant heath
shrubs, surrounded by birdsong and scurrying skinks, and perhaps even an
occasional snake on warmer days. About halfway to Narcissus, is the track junction
to Pine Valley Hut. The hut is a popular spot for Tasmanian bushwalkers who
journey up from Lake St Clair and use it as a base to explore the Du Cane Range.
As you near Narcissus River, the dolerite columns of Mount Olympus form a
dramatic backdrop to the golden glow of buttongrass moorland. The comfortable
duckboard track, which protects the boggy peat soils, is a welcome change, allowing
you to stroll along, savouring the view, instead of constantly watching your feet.
Crossing the Narcissus River is exciting – it’s the only suspension bridge on the
Overland Track. A little further on, you’ll find the small and rustic Narcissus Hut on
the banks of the Narcissus River. This is camp for the night.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 8/ We catch the ferry down Lake St Clair and where you can FINALLY take off
your pack and your boots and celebrate your remarkable achievement! Upon arrival
you will have a chance to check out the visitors centre, order something to eat and
buy souvenirs, from here you will be driven back to Launceston for a celebratory
dinner and good night rest in a hotel! Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 9 / Launceston to Home

Why Trek with On Track Expeditions?

Founded by brothers Richard and Andrew James in 2010, On Track Expeditions began operating expeditions on the Kokoda Track. The company was born from a passion for travel, Australian history, and the people and culture of Papua New Guinea.

Since that time, On Track Expeditions has grown rapidly into a market leader on the Kokoda Track, and is now providing trekking and mountaineering adventures in Nepal, Tanzania, and all over the world.

On Track Expeditions is the chosen operator for:
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  • South Australian Police Blue Light Program
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